A friendly space to discuss our practices!

In addition to the training offered in Mind-Body Therapy, we offer a working space especially dedicated to Supervision.

This monthly workspace is for everyone who exercise a cover profession, followed a therapy training and looking to exchange their practices and need a group support in the management of the difficulties encountered during their learning of the accompanying practice psychological.


As a consultant we can help you navigate to tracks to explore to better exercise your practice and achieve your goals.

We will also help you to develop and acquire the knowledge, practices and techniques adequate to the job of accompanying psychological.

Supervision Group creates synergy and expansionnal ideas and points of view which proves to be very rewarding for all members. It also helps to create solidarity between participants and a support network between therapists.

This is a time of sharing, exchange and mutual listening in which we will work to answer the questions: Why do this job? I am faced with personal psychological resistance in my work as a therapist? Responding façe my patients and their psychological resistances?
So we can help you avoid conflicts based on power relations, tensions and to take distance compared to experienced and Difficulties faced by your patients. 

On different mental management techniques through tangible practical exercises, cognitive, respiratory and meditative.

Training helps to situate the various therapeutic approaches to be very clear about the ethics of the profession therapist and deepen, comprehensively all aspects of the Help Relationship. (Carl Rogers and humanist, Gestalt, NLP, Rebirth, ...)

These practical tools, simple, effective, natural deeply can be used and integrated into a process of assistance and / or a therapeutic process.


We welcome for any professional annual cycle of counseling, psychotherapist practicing in individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy or therapy practiced in groups, students in psychology and psychotherapy, the idea is to reflect together the practice of psychotherapy and counseling by providing solutions to problems, tensions and issues that you may encounter.


Dates: Mondays September 26
October 24
November 21
December 19, 2016
and 23 January,
February 27th
March 27,
April 24th
and May 22, 2017

Schedule : from 9:30 to 6:00 p.m.
Place : Brussels South
Price : € 920 the cycle of 8 days (64heures) or 145 € the day.

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