"Psycho-corporel" Therapist

You dream of a new profession that makes sense for you ? It's possible!


The "Mind-body Therapist Training" is designed for people who want to find a different space, a new dynamic allowing them to manage their emotional, physical, relational, psychological and spiritual daily life with more serenity.

It is a training in which you really get involved in the sense that it is also a personal development tool.

Those who wish will be able to gain new knowledge giving them the opportunity to accompany other people, children, adolescents or adults, to better recover and develop inner harmony.

Training isn't a substitute for an individual therapeutic approach; be in therapy is recommended.
In agreement with the trainer, this approach can be done during the training.

The group will be a key instrument allowing everyone to go through an intense journey, in close relationship to the helpful interactions between each group member. This group then becomes the core of a spiral of evolution.

Designed as a space for clarification, this training allows to raise its own energy level and to release a much denser acuity of awareness.

This training helps to learn to know himself, body, soul, psyche. This self-awareness is the basis for communication and healthy and balanced relationships. It helps developing skills of listenning, understanding the crisis or situations of suffering and to get out of these smoothly.

The practical exercises focused on the body which are offered during the training accelerate the knowledge of senses and sensations, and are designed to awake vitality, release the breath, promote the expansion of pleasure and acceptance of the body image.

Becoming more authentic, more conscious, more empathetic, more free, more assertive and more loving!


The training is open to anyone, regardless of their professional status.

It is not necessary to have already experienced previous relationship coaching either in associations or in a professional environment. But experience in this sense can be a very interesting asset.

This training is not aimed only for those who wish to make professional activity from this relationship coaching, but also to anyone who wants to get a better self understanding and to give new impetus to his life.


The training is highly interactive and takes place around several areas:
- Personal experience through practice.
- Group dynamics in itself
- A theoretical and methodological approach in the form of interventions carried out by the training manager, and also with personal work.
An explanation of the principles is followed by exercises, role plays and case studies.
Unlike a college education, being so often only intellectual, we enter immediately into practical exercises of body experience, recognition and confidence in our feelings and intuitions.


The Mind-body Therapist training allows to experience and master various mental management techniques through tangible and practical cognitive, respiratory and meditative exercises.

The mind-body therapy focuses specifically on the experience of emotions in the body. To feel and experience the sensations in the body opens the heart and allows the energy to flow freely.

To feel and release the energy flow in the body helps to overcome the mental level and achieve the star present in all of us. To feel and get closer to our star raises our level of consciousness and brings us joy, peace and serenity.

Each of us can become a creator of his own reality and adjust harmoniously.

Training helps to situate the various therapeutic approaches, to be very clear about the ethics of the profession as a therapist and helps to comprehensively deepen all aspects of the helping relationship (coaching). (Carl Rogers and the humanist movement, Gestalt, NLP, Rebirth ...)

These practical, simple, efficient and profoundly natural methods can be used and integrated in any interpersonal relationship or therapeutic process.


An exam at the end of Level 1 covering the knowledge and skills acquired will qualify you to use the title of “Practitioner in Relationship Counselling and Coaching”

At the end of Level 2 an exam based on your understanding of the concepts, using practical case studies and oriented towards a professional setting will qualify you to use the title of “Mind-Body Practitioner”

Cycle III will include the supervision sessions and the writing of a monograph, it will qualify you to use the title to of  “Mind-Body Therapist”.

Depending on availability, participants can join the cycle during the year, without gaining certification.

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