I take this opportunity to thank you for your relevant, subtle and appropriate support in the work I have undertaken with you for over a year which surely has wonderful discoveries in store for me.


Thank you for these three intensive and exciting years of development ... I have travelled long in a boat full of holes and half the time under water, and since one or two weeks I feel I have a beautiful brand new boat and feel full of energy to discover the world; it does not come to me from the outside, nor from circumstances, but from the inside, like a seed that germinates, which was fed, pampered, watered. Or as in the tale of the girl without hands, one day hands regrow in one night after years of wandering. And I know that it is the fruit of all this work,

hmm ...



Thanks again for all that you have allowed me to experience in your workshops and which, I realize, brought me a lot of confidence in my relationship with women. Night and day, in fact, compared to 3 years from now.


Words fail to tell you that this training but also all that you invested will be imprinted as a tattoo, your righteous words, your patience (and sometimes your impatience reminding that you're a human being - and therefore, not perfect- but always humble and loving) helped me to be a new person, more loving, more listening. My paradigm has really changed, I am happy despite the distance with my daughters, no mutual sharing in an intimate relationship with a man, all I was complaining about 'before' ! ... everything is on my road and I open myself up to what is.

"I am very grateful to have been able to breathe new life into our relationship. The magic and the " sparks " of 28 years ago were still present but hidden under the rubble of the years we thought buried long ago. "

"Let me thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for that wonderful experience. It was absolutely divine and there is no way to express the gratefulness I feel in words. "

"I became aware of my self-confidence and my inner strength. "

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all these shared moments in consciousness: the discovery, delight, sensuality, emotion, laughter, the vibration of all the senses and the party, which made the way so rich and bright. "

"I hold you very close to my heart and am very grateful for the beautiful journeys I made ​​with you."


"At first I wondered what I was doing there, but something inside me told me to stay. The exercises enabled me to experience what was happening to me, and observe my way of working and my defence mechanisms.

I had decided to live each moment as a unique one and see what was going on in me. In this space of non-judgment, I removed role that was put on me, to discover the person who was hiding at the bottom and who was only waiting to be recognized. The safe space in which I was, enabled me to drop my defences and to gradually open my heart. I discovered new feelings, new emotions, joys, sorrows, certainties, doubts, hopes. It was magical, I felt a wave of lightness and freedom coming over me. I found this inner smile people talked so much about, I felt good, I could reach out to others and share without fear.
I decided what I wanted to do, or not, and I could refuse without feeling guilty because I learned to give without expectations. I was no longer a beggar of love. I had become more autonomous and responsible and I accepted better what was happening to me.
I also realized that if I stayed in the accuracy and in the present, nothing could touch me because I had nowhere to go, that everything I was looking for was already there, that if I could connect to this feeling of well-being and wholeness from where I am, I could connect to this state anytime and anywhere. "

"I wish you can still take a lot of people on the path you have taken. It was beautiful to see ... for others and for me. I received a nice gift :-) "

"An image comes into my head, that of a boat I took with you to discover a new world. "

"Thank you for the taste of ecstasy you gave me, the ecstasy of living life fully."

"THANK YOU for all this and everything else that I cannot say.

I feel very free and very happy to feel carried away by the stream of life. "



"It's also the first time I let myself be in my femininity, my trust in men, in my innocence, that's really nice! "


"Thank you, Philippe, for all your work, to be you, for your quality!

My friends who visit you return stronger, open. "

Anne Laure

"I become more human when you are close to me and I am close to you, I have become more of a man thanks to you, I need you men to be a man myself.

Thank you men. "



"A big thank you for the road we walked along... These ever-changing landscapes print emotions and new colors on my life!"


 "A big thank you from the heart ...

An extraordinary thing happened within me and I feel that I manage to self-centre more quickly and that my energy returns!"



« I found you very approachable and this probably due to your continued practice within spirituality. »


"The relationship with my husband has completely changed, a barrier has melted in me and it's so good. "


"Inside me, it feels as if I had brought this great weekend back with me, all those unforgettable encounters and beautiful moments."

“I loved your approach to things, your way of understanding the group and each individual within the group”. Audrey

"I keep a beautiful memory of you. You knew the right words to say which I will never forget. "


"I am so thankful for meeting you and HAVING more air and breath and feeling in my life. "


"Crying, in tears, of joy and gratitude for the wonderful person you are, the wonderful gift I get, Knowing I have Given in the past and hope to give again soon, Because it is so me. "


"I'm getting better. What surprises me is the speed with which I move forward and the transformation that took place.

I really thank you for: your authenticity, your energy, your happiness, sharing of your vulnerability, your humour, your intuition, your ability to stay alert in a group so that the dynamism of the group is not broken, your ability to say things you believe the other person can hear. "



"I feel I have found a long sought development path, finally! Assurance and hope are what I discovered. Philippe thank you for being at the place you currently occupy so well. "


"This internship in Rastenberg made me feel great and especially brought me closer to myself. These six days were wonderful, exactly the way I like.... "


"THANK YOU for this group coaching of men Philippe.

THANK YOU to be there at the right place.

This allows me to move and change at my own pace. "


"Thanks again for this amazing moment, dear Philippe. "


"I passed into the next dimension! I feel it but cannot explain, vocabulary was not yet invented. After all, do we have to explain? No, only live it mindfully. "



"What joy, what peace, what  love. Oufti! "


"Thank you for this wonderful weekend Philippe!

What beautiful moments of intensity and mutual sharing!

What emotions and truths!

What a lesson! "



"Thanks to my internship in Rastenberg, I was able to let out what I felt, including stress. By listening to the stress that used to block me before I now receive words. And as I write or speak and as one goes along I even receive more words. It's simple. I do no longer listen to my head and its fears but to my body and I get the words.

I hear myself speak and I listen to myself.

I dare to spontaneously dance now and move.

Confidence and beauty I radiate attract people's attention. Saturday in the city centre a beautiful woman spontaneously came to me and told me I looked good, my radiance, my eyes. I told her I was a mirror of her (own) beauty. "


I love you

I love you the way you are

I love You just because you are

I love you


"Just BE.

And when you do. BE

And when you wish to do. Dare to do. BE. "


"The internship at Rastenberg, greatly nourished us and will continue to nourish us for a long time. It gives us the desire to continue on this path. "


"I'm still in the euphoria of the shared moments. It was such a long time I had not laughed so much. Thanks again for the good times. "


"Nothing But Thanks (s).

Thanks again for this wonderful weekend. I discovered a lot, made beautiful encounters. Thank you for your presence, your sharing, your confidence. "



"I discovered new possibilities, I felt great, to feel the energy, the breath beginning to flow in my hips, my chest, my legs and my feet felt good."




"I love to have found my way again to love in a funny way. It's absolutely a shame to forget that most of the time. But as there’s a way of making up for it ... let’s go! "


"Great day today! Many thanks to you! I feel ... How to say? Full ... Yes, it is truly this: I feel full, filled with great serenity! Waouw !!! "


"Thanks again for this rich, intense, varied and interesting content of the weekend, with a fluid and easy-to-follow rhythm, at least this is how I experienced it."


"An exercise that seems harmless but can tell a lot: it seems like you have the secret to this kind of stuff that appear to be nothing but which in reality are not."


"Thank you, Philippe for all your work, to be you, for your quality!

My friends who visit you return stronger, open. Long live the Skydancing! "


"I went home light in body and spirit."



“The intensity and enthusiasm we felt on the way back (we had experienced an incredible energy during the return journey and in the next days it really seemed to me we had gone through a second honeymoon) settled down somewhat .  And yet I feel that many things have changed in depth for me and our relationship: there’s the opening of my body and my heart to Life and Love, the ability to live my feelings fully, to connect to this wonderful energy in my lower abdomen and energy of Tara, to live my feminine power as a woman ... this is all still there ... when I take the time to care for it and connect to it”.

I found what I was looking for: my ability to stay in my creative power, initiator of the confidence in myself and in life ..."

"My inner land was plowed to become more fertile to Love and Life"



"Another very big thank you for the quality of your work and your support. I feel stronger since my return from Rastenberg as if a solid floor was put under my feet.

Also thank you for the nice meetings and humanity transmitted during this week. "


"I really found what I needed to move forward on my life path and I am delighted!"



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