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Meet yourself by Tantra

Sex is a beginning, not an end.
But if you miss the beginning, you will also miss the end.

Osho Rajneesh.

We invite you to watch the work done in the Tantra seminars as an encounter with ourselves, with our inner being. The energy hidden in us is then invited to spring and inform blocked situations, confused or ambiguous in our lives.

The release of this energy is then carrier jubilation, joy, a look on the living world ... The energy of Tantra is revealed ...


This is not to meet each other in sexuality, but to meet me, to wake a vital energy can be a little sleepy.
Meet the other becomes much easier once the encounter with oneself, with one's own sexuality, occurred.
Weekends and evenings are opportunities data to create a bracket, to assign us an original authorization of space in our world "social". He invites us to explore intimacy with ourselves, with each other, without installing our usual issues.
When the frame that sets the limits of the group's experiences will be laid, we will "play" and allow sexual energy safely, try to play down its manifestations, welcome them with the greatest possible kindness, invite our deep joy. (There is no sexual act in groups)
We will try to find this state of wonder that invites us to taste the delights of existence, in innocence and simplicity, such infant just born.
We will examine the mechanisms of our mind that block our impulses of life, our creativity and spontaneity. We try to temporarily stop granting credit there.
By consciously abandoning our usual issues of sexuality, desire, relationship, we will invite our energy to rise to take its place in the other planes of the body.
We will celebrate this "yes" to life in the form of dances, body practices, alone, in pairs or groups. We'll meet our calm and quiet center.
We will share the results of our experiments using verbal exchange group.
We will invite our inner silence, during dynamic meditation or sitting in music, silence.
The sex axis heart consciousness, which is the direction all this weekend, will then take its meaning, that to feel deeply connected to the existence

Be aware of our internal resistances

Our inner resistance deplete an important part of my life energy. To abandon them, we must first identify me, put words and consciousness on them. For example: I desire for you. But as :

I'm in a relationship,
This is not done, we will judge me
I'm afraid of the consequences of my act,
I was educated (e) in a different way,
I do not agree, I do not recognize the internal or external expression of this desire. The conflict is represented by the internal struggle between I want / I do not authorize. The remaining energy allows me most often to "get by" more than anything.

The path of Tantra invites me to put the consciousness of all that limits my energy (fear, packaging, judgments, expectations, etc ...) in the field of sexuality as in other areas.

Sexuality in our Cultures

Sexuality in our Western culture is often marked by taboos, fears, conditionings and unspoken.
It is not free, it is hindered, limited. According to Tantra, this energy just waiting to circulate is the root of our vitality and expansion of our being.
If I let the fear in this area control my life potential, my growth can be long and difficult.


Sexual energy is a very powerful energy, and allow it without judgment is a factor important expansion of our life potential.

When this energy has plenty of space, it can flow smoothly in my body, reach and activate the other plans of my being: heart and conscience.

The group's work axis is to release as much as possible my sexual energy, the starting point of my life potential. The meeting with myself in my other plans is greatly facilitated when my energy is fluid.

I move the conscience of the fears and limitations which have their headquarters in sexuality. This is done through practices in which we live our sexual energy consciously and carry vigilance on the emergence of fears.

Look fear in the face, is to grow a little ...
It is to listen, to authorize and live what is possible in the field of sexuality, while respecting the environment. The framework gives me a space of no judgment and safety. The challenge and I allow that I forbid, are not so vis-à-vis the other, but to myself.

A moment of sharing

An important part of the proposed work is represented by the speaking time. By sharing experiences, taking the risk to name my feelings, my feelings, I can understand where I am in my relationship to desire, my fears to myself. Just as the experience can open up to new aspects of myself, the word proves liberating if I can take the chance to show me and tell me with authenticity.
The time is a time to learn to go with all that is in me. It is learning to observe what drives me and how I can "BE WITH." The essence of Tantra is summed up in these two words.

Activate and let the energy circulate

Our energy is often in a latent state, "asleep". I propose an activation work it in different forms: dance, music, percussion, breath, breath, body movement, massage, sensuality, sharing word testimony, exploration of masculine and feminine polarities, meditation and focus. Depending on the time we will have to work alone, in pairs, in small groups, groups of men and women or in large groups.

Deal with the desire

If I try to describe the expression of my sexual energy, the most appropriate word might be "desire", an impulse, a desire reflected not immediate.

I suggest the desire to live in the group with the least possible target in the present moment. Just allow the free expression of my sexual and vital energy (within the framework, however).

What to do with this desire once met, is that he will not burden myself? Plan to do something is the origin of suffering that results.

There is NOTHING to do, just "BE WITH" in this moment, the taste, the taste. It proves cumbersome if I "pose" on someone, if I want to go somewhere. Can I experience the desire alive in me, no one to receive it? The person who is in front is the trigger, it is what lights the fuse of my own energy. After starting the process, the living experience of desire is manifested in me.

It is possible that the other does exactly the same experience as me. I light his fuse, and let the rest be in another, without desire to interfere.

The desire to live is essentially a contemplative experience.

There is very little to do but to trust the body that knows itself what to do. I enter the dance of the body, I am his instructions. I let the animate me! I feel it bubbling up out of the stomach and spread throughout my body. He brings with him much joy.

Our inner nature is cheerful, and respect the expression of our sexual energy allows the joy shine again through us.


This experience of desire in the moment and without waiting can not frustrate me. What could I be frustrated if I expect nothing? If I leave frustrated, I can see all the expectations that I have made. With a soft look, however, as they are often the result of many packages, and mourn is not immediate, it is a process. Rather look which can be relaxed, and which are more stubborn.
This incarnate desire without goal made me a more alive. It inspires me. It brightens my eyes and circulate energy through my body. If the mind tries to intervene, to calculate, to develop plans, a small indoor sentence has the power to disarm him, "There is no issue." This rule of the game is the one that brings me back to center.


In intimacy with another, as proposed by this group, there is no challenge, no commitment. We experience in a secure environment that the conditions of this intimacy have no other purpose than to meet us individually. This is an authorization space.


It is also a center of space, because the heart is activated as soon as the power is no longer blocked at the top level. I can let the heart be expressed in many ways. Take a person into his arms means "my heart is open and I want to share this with you." This is a behavior devoid of calculation, such as desire, immediate.
If I say, "if I take this person in my arms, she will think ..." or "I'll then be able to ...", then this is not the heart that this is happening, but in the head. If I can take the other into my arms without asking anything in return, if his mere presence fills me, so I can say it is my heart that is expressed. I can offer all my love without a threat to the other.

Group's Ethic

To take the risk of exposing myself, to be vulnerable in certain situations to be face to myself, I need a framework that gives me all the security I need. I must have the guarantee that the risk I am taking only exists with myself, not with the other participants.

I also need a permit space, that is to say, non-judgmental, where I can feel free to do as I wish. A space that inspires me to give me more permissions than I would do without.

No change to the sexual act in the group Sexual energy is the work of the support and not its culmination. Express her sensuality and sexuality with the guarantee that there will be no acting out is an important safety factor.
No violence in the group, neither verbal nor in acts Violence can be met, it is expressed without hurting anyone through the framework and accompanying Facilitator.
I respect myself allow me to say YES when possible, allow me to say NO when a limit is reached, to say STOP when the limit is exceeded. No one who does not speak removes all its value to Yes, if I say yes because I did not dare say no.
Respect others Being listen to him, listen to its limits, and stop as soon as the person manifest reluctance.
Privacy Commitment What is said in the group belongs to the group, and can not be repeated outside. I am allowed to speak from my own experience. I can not name anyone, nor relate his experience, even anonymously outside the group. This framework increases my freedom to be and my possibilities of involvement in the group because nothing that I can not be exposed to the outside.
The group is a space of no judgment The conscious attitude is valued, and any difficulties (or joy) are recognized as experienced on the first person who saw them.
I am basically free Nothing is imposed in this group. All that is offered is of the order of the invitation to pass me, go to my meeting. I am free to take the risk or not.
The set is only a starting point in all prior instructions given in an exercise are the starting points, benchmarks, guides, frames. I care not to lock myself in them too strictly. The rule on the matter is: the set raises my energy to speak. Once she is contacted, I let my energy guide me.

Outside of the group

What can survive this experience? Can I continue to allow and let me move in this new energy encountered?

For example, I see in the street a man or a woman I like. At first, I ACKNOWLEDGE myself that he or she pleases me, despite what my mind. In other words, I authorize or I take responsibility for my desire. I can just simply rejoice that desire, which manifests the circulation of my sexual and vital energy. Secondly, as it is possible for me and the other, I can put that energy into the look, a smile, a touch, while continuing to take responsibility.

The working couple

Couples courses are available to established couples and new, living together or not. What is important is the will to explore the intimacy of the couple and intend to give these appointments to be available to the other and the couple.
The Tantra courses for couples aim to deepen the quality and relational wealth of the couple through the exploration of intimacy.

Tantra of Couple

The Tantra seminars for couples aim to deepen the quality and relational wealth of the couple through the exploration of intimacy.

During Couples courses, as we approach the Tantra vision of the important themes in the life of the couple:

How do I express my desire in my family, how I live, how I take responsibility?
What fears prevent me from acting in my family, what are the unspoken taboos, conditionings that limit me?
How do I communicate with my partner? What requests I may say? How do I position myself meet the demands of the other? Am I subject? Am I overlooking?
How I respect myself? Do I know say NO? Is my yes is a real yes or no that is not said?
How to invite the sacred to be expressed more often in my sexuality in my relationship? Do we take the time necessary to break? or we are sinking into the routine? How to renew the connection?
Do I dare to give myself totally to another, defer to him (her)?
Look what I wear on my sexuality in the couple? Is it sloppy or invested? What look is what I wear on the fun, excitement, orgasm? As a man, a woman?
These and other topics will be addressed through a series of verbal or physical practices, couple, male and female groups, or by dance or play.
There is no sex in the group.

Within a course, practices are a couple. However, some women may be offered group and separate male group to explore the specifics of each polarity.

Three directions motivate this work:

Give yourself time to reconnect with the freshness of the link, easily tested daily, I propose to take time together, that of being available to ourselves and to another to meet otherwise. Find the precious and sacred link.
Explore all places unknown link, the ability to love, to give and receive freely, to take care of each other.
Consider a different sexuality, which offers another way than the classic: Desire - Excitement - Orgasm.
It is used without the desire objective, but with the support of the excitement of being the observer. By going to meet that energy put in motion, we can see his creativity in non-doing and non-will.
The most powerful forces that drive us to reveal the full extent of the love and sex.
They play live in our marriage. To explore the couple, it is the opportunity to identify, recognize, and take responsibility.

Make the connection with the sacred

In addressing the Tantra in this way, I have to unlearn that sex is ugly, dirty or shameful.
There is another sexuality that was instilled us. It is a sacred sexuality, our carrier mystery of our greatness. It puts us in connection with the Divine, that we are made of.


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