Weekend Tantra

“Meet yourself through the Tantra
Sex is a beginning, not an end.
But if you miss the beginning, you'll miss the end as well.”
Osho Rajneesh

We invite you to watch the work done in the Tantra seminars as an encounter with yourself, with your inner being. The energy hidden within you is then invited to gush forth and throw light on blocked, confused or ambiguous situations in your life.

The release of this energy is then carrier of jubilation, joy, a lively look on the world ...
The energy of Tantra is revealed...


  • It is not about meeting the other sexually, but to meet oneself, to awaken vital energy which can be dormant. Connection with the other person becomes much easier once the encounter with oneself, with one's own sexuality, has occurred.
  • Weekends and evenings are the best opportunities to create a safe haven from our everyday pressures during which we will explore our inner hidden self and interpersonal relationships without our habitual limiting routines.
  • When the frame that sets the limits of the group experiences is laid, we will go "play" and allow sexual energy to release safely, try to play down its manifestations, welcome them with the greatest possible kindness, inviting our deep joy. (There is no sexual act in the groups).
  • We will try to find this state of wonder that invites us to taste the delights of existence, in innocence and simplicity, such as newly born infants.
  • We will examine the mechanisms of our mind that block impulses of our life, our creativity and spontaneity. We temporarily try to stop granting them credit.
  • By consciously abandoning our restrictions related to sexuality, desire, relationship, we will invite our energy to rise and to take its place in the other levels of the body.
  • We will celebrate this "yes" to life in the form of dances, body practices, alone, in pairs or in groups. We'll go to meet our calm and quiet centre.
  • We will share the results of our experiences through verbal exchanges in groups.
  • We will focus on our inner silence, during dynamic meditation, listening to music or just be in silence.
  • The alignment of gender awareness and heart consciousness, which is the focus of the whole weekend, will take its full meaning, that of feeling profoundly connected to life and the universe.


No prerequisite to participe ! Welcome to everyone, single or couple.

Schedule : From Friday 20:00PM to Sunday 5:00PM

Where :  Brussels South

Price for the week-end :  345 € per person

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