Tantra Skydancing : Summer workshop

Tantra Skydancing Workshops of this Summer

We propose two workshops this summer in Brussels (South), in our new Center Liloco.org.

They are the result of 10 years of workshops in Rastenberg (Austria) in the castle of Christiane Singer. 

We will integrate a lot of new exersices this summer.

Welcome to everyone ! 

Beersel 1 :  10th August (Evening) to 14th August 
Beersel 2 :  15th August (Evening) to  19August 

Workshop : Initiation Beersel 1

A week to connect or reconnect yourself to your sacred sexuality. 

We invite you to discover the power of energy work, linked to sexuality and spirituality.

Energy pleasure, desire and healing, it invites us to go to the source of our being, to meet who we really are.

In a beautiful center, in conjunction with the elements and nature, we will contact our pleasure, sensual pleasure, pleasure of being, pleasure of the relationship with oneself and with the other consciously.

In a climate of trust, security, respect and gentleness, this course will give you access to deep and lasting transformations.

Workshop : Beersel 2 : Ecstasy

This seminar is specifically for people who already have a good personal development experiance or Tantra.

We propose to go further in this job of opening consciousness, develop your "report" to the energy, go deeper in the link between sexuality and spirituality.
We will take advantage of this beautiful place to teach you to develop your acuity sensory and explore possibilities of expanding your consciousness field.

Runned by Philippe Wyckmans certified by Margot Anand in Skydancing Tantra and Psychotherapist.


The workshops take place in our new LILOCO center.

Old farm of the 15th century, it was restored and offers a wonderful view of nature.

Any (re)construction was done in harmony with the ancient energy of the place.
A set geographical path (700m) between Beersel Medieval Castle (Root Chakra) and the church (Crown Chakra).

The room itself at a bargain rate of vibration, the same as sacred places (and even higher than Rastenberg where we used to led this workshop).

It is a real privilege to give our courses here.


Participants can stay in shared rooms, camping, go home or even go to the hotel next door.

Some double rooms will be ready to welcome you for the summer.


Beersel 1 :  from , 10August (evening) to, August 14
Beersel 2 :  from , August  15(evening) to , August 19


Beersel 1  or 2 :  395€ both 695€

If necessary we can discuss discounted prices.

This Skydancing Tantra Initation by Margot Anand, is necessary prerequisites to register for the Tantra training in Montpellier.

These workshops are open to all, single or couple.



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