The Conscious Breathing or "Rebirth"

The Rebirth or Conscious Breathing is a technique of development based on the use of deep, conscious continuous and deep breathing.

It is a purification instrument to facilitate the "integration" of more or less old events, you are more or less aware of, and who are enrolled in our psychic and physical memory. Emotions and memories attached to it are "welcomed" as information and materials that allow us to move forward on our path, as stepping stones towards greater external freedom.

The Conscious Breathing is an experience, opening body, heart and mind towards energy, that can gradually find space beyond thoughts, as if we became the witness of what we live, and actor of a more conscious, more open and more developed life.

It is also the means for creating your own reality and adjust harmoniously.

This is where our creativity can soar.

The Conscious Breathing is a unique, authentic and continuously innovative experience, acting through the energy that controls it. It is a handy, simple, effective, deeply natural tool that can be used independently once practiced diligently and with guidance.

This is when we can use it in a process of assistance or in a therapeutic process.

Who is it for?

This work is for people who want to find a different space, a new dynamic bringing them to deal with their emotional, physical, relational, psychological and spiritual day-to-day life with more serenity.
This takes place during individual or group sessions.

Schedule :  20h00 to 22h30, Brussels South

Price : 15€ or 100€ for 10 sessions
Students : 10€

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