Conscious Living !

Mindfullness Workshop

Getting to know you better, identify your expectations in your relationships and live a more fluid and serene life!

The purpose of these weekends is to propose a different space, a new dynamic leading participants to manage with more serenity their daily emotional, physical, relational, psychological and spiritual parts and to find and develop inner harmony.

The group will be a key instrument to allow everyone to an intense journey, closely linked to interactions between each member. This becomes the center of a spiral of evolution. Designed as a space for clarification, this seminar helps raise his own energy level and release a much denser consciousness acuity. These whole weekend used to get to know : body, soul and psyche. This self-awareness is the basis for communication and healthy and balanced relationships. It helps develop skills to listen, to understand the crisis or situations of suffering and out fluidly.

Practical exercises focused on body proposed to the participants accelerate the knowledge of the senses and sensations, and are designed to awaken vitality, free breathing, facilitate the expansion of pleasure and acceptance of body image. In summary: Become more authentic, more conscious, more empathetic, more free, more assertive and more loving!

For Who? 

Every person who wishes to know himself better and give new impetus to his life! The program will adapt to the dynamics of the group, their needs and desires.


The proposed methodology is interactive and takes place around several areas:
- Personal experience through practice.
- Group dynamics in itself
- A theoretical and methodological contribution in the form of interventions carried out by the training manager.

The theoretical contributions are followed by exercises, experimentation tools and scenarios.


We will practice various mental management techniques through tangible practical exercises, cognitive, respiratory and meditative.

Specialized in psycho-body therapy, whom focuses specifically on the experience of emotions in the body, I propose here to observe the positive effects on your life. Feel and experience the sensations in the body opens the heart and allows energy to flow freely.
Feel and release the energy flow in the body overcomes the mental level and to achieve this star in all of us. And feel closer to our planet raises our level of consciousness and brings us joy, peace and serenity. Each of us can become a creator of his own reality and adjust harmoniously.

These practical tools, simple, effective, natural deeply can be used and integrated into a therapeutic process.

Program subject to adjustment depending to the group

1 / Limits, resistors
- The representation of our reality
- Thoughts and beliefs
- Deconstruction of limiting beliefs
- Overcoming resistances
- Commitment: the condition of action
- The concept of Responsibility
- The "Creative Thought"
- Visualizations
- The management and mental energies by active meditation (Osho, Margot Anand)

2 / Decoding of emotions
- Identify and define: emotions, feelings, sensations, mood
- Emotional reactions, how to react?
- Injuries, symptoms, how to cure?
- The language of the heart
- The parasites emotions
- The pain-body and the identification with the mind (Eckhart Tolle)
- Centering
- The concept of forgiveness
- Techniques of "letting go" by the Cellular Breathing

3 / Listening and Empathy
- Therapeutic Listening : the true competence (Carl Rogers and humanist)
- Key listening, reformulation and empathy
- The conditions of listening
- The communication dams
- The body postures, gestures
- Keeping yourself by listening to the other
- Focus on self / on the other.
- Projections, interferences
- The synchronicity, and the intuition
- The "channel creator" or the connection to the source

4 / The laws of relationship
- Timidity and fears
- The Fear of intimacy
- Presence In itself, presence to others
- Victimes and saviors
- The Balance of power
- The Talking Circle
- Be Yourself and meet others
- Act without reacting
- They could take their differences
- The Concept of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance
- The transfers
- The Management of posture

5 / Confidence
- The Origins of low self-esteem, intra-uterine life, birth (Leonard Orr)
- The Internal security
- The self-presence
- The Personality and the beeing
- The Concepts of need and desires
- Skills
- The "Doing" and "being"
- The Body techniques to restore self-esteem (Breathing Cellular, relaxation, visualizations, affirmations)


The price is € 1,850 payable monthly.

A significant discount for unemployed and students is proposed.

I am pleased to offer such a rich and complete program to you.

Thank you for your confidence in Truth, Simplicity and Love, 


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