Individual Session

One to One session

Rebalance my body,
Improve the flow of  my emotions,
Free my spirit,
Unravel my issues
and live in joy.

Each personalised session aims to harmonise/align body and mind. 
with : - a session to help you take Personal Control and Responsibility
- a session focused on Breathing Awareness

The Accountability                                 

Is about learning a way of asking questions and listening to yourself and to reconnect with the underlying reasons of your being.

Within what is said, emotional responses emerge from the depth of your consciousness. You discover the red thread of your problems in the different parts of your life, and you recover the ability to resolve them.


During the sessions you will be introduced to a specific breathing in and exhaling technique that will allow you to go through your sufferings and fears to return to serenity and inner peace.

In this way you go through a process of deep physical cleansing of your cells: your emotions flow and are set free, your tensions are released, and your consciousness opens and widens. Upon request this breathing technique can be done in Hot/Cold water.

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