Who are we?

Philippe Wyckmans

Passionate about Life and its emotional and energetic movements, I wonder about the constant interference between the conscious and the unconscious, the body and the psyche, cellular memory and our spirituality.
This is how I discovered and dedicated myself late 80s, to the work of Carl Rogers and that of Guy Corneau in transpersonal psychotherapy. I continued my journey by training myself to Psycho-physical techniques in Conscious Breathing (Rebirth) with Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray and in Energy Care.

The Breath becomes my “red thread”.
Aware of the importance of restoring harmony between the masculine and the feminine, I attend Tantra trainings with Margot Anand and Barry Long from the Sacred Sexuality.

I regularly stay in India, and attend teachings of Shiva from and in their ashrams where I receive the name of Shri Phatechand.

Today I teach and pass on these techniques through seminars, initiatory journeys, and individual consultations in Brussels and Paris.
I’m always tending to gain more creativity and humour, I see every day as the first and best school of Consciousness and Joy for Life.

Contact me : Philippe@liloco.org

Gertha Sturkenboom

When I started to work on the body and the breath in 1991, ("Bodywork" and "Breathwork") I felt joy, and I discovered my space and individuation. Somewhat later the calm, pain relief and Inner Peace came. Then the work with Family Constellations (of Bert Hellinger) brought me to true healing, peace, and to the expression of my inner strength.

Today, my intuition, my care and compassion are my axes in helping people on their path to knowledge, inner peace and power. I was trained in many methods including: reading the Physical Bodies, the "Focus", "Characteranalysis" Reichian Breathing, "Mindfulness", Various relaxation techniques, NLP, "Innerchild" work, the work with Subtle Energies and the Sioux Shamanism.

During all these years of development, Sexuality and Sexual Energy have been a central question for me, and Tantra was an important way to Love. In my work as a coach, my values ​​are authenticity, transparency and respect. I am a recognized psychotherapist (individual sessions I give are reimbursed in Holland). In addition to working for Liloco.org, I co-lead trainings in "Bodywork", I give workshops on family constellations and I have a family life with Philippe and our daughter Ivy Joanna.

Contact me : Gertha@liloco.org


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