Breathing Group session

Every month, participate in a group session of Rebirth to learn to inspire Joy and expire Life difficulties.

During the sessions you will be introduced to a specific breathing in and exhaling technique that will allow you to go through your sufferings and fears to return to serenity and inner peace.

This work is for people who want to find a different space, a new dynamic bringing them to deal with their emotional, physical, relational, psychological and spiritual day-to-day life with more serenity.

Everybody is Welcome ! 

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Initiation to Tantra Skydancing : 4 to 9 August

Tantra does not teach sexuality. It says simply that sex can be a source of happiness...  use it as a starting point.

Within Tantra, you use the sexual energy, you do not fight it.
You transform it! Do not see it as an enemy; treat it as a friend. 

Osho : Tantra, Spirituality and Sex.

Discounts for students and unemployed.

Please note availability is limited, please register online,

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Men's Group : once a month

One evening per month to find a worthy, strong and proud masculinity,

This monthly event is for men who want to live their masculine sexuality in their daily lives smoothly.

With different exercises, you will learn different techniques and Taoist Tantric for more efficient use, more conscious and sacred of your sexual energy.

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Year Course Thérapist "Psycho-Corporel"


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Summer Workshops

Prepare your summer with these two exceptional proposals in our new center Liloco :

Beersel 1 : from 4 to 9 August : Introduction to Tantra Skydancing
Beersel 2 : from 11 to 17 August : Intensive Workshop of Skydancing Tantra

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Open House : 16 th of September

A afternoon to discover our activities, 

We will propose you a happy afternoon, active meditaiton, dance, exchanges and exercices. 

Please let us know if you are coming and don't hesitate to bring your friends ! 

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Philippe and Gertha. 


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